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Is 100,000 pounds-a-week enough to retain Brazilian winger Raphinha?


According to The Daily Star, Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United think that handing Raphinha a new contract worth £100,000-a-week will be enough to retain him. Raphinha has been gaining traction throughout this season due to this stellar contribution to the team and his ability to be the danger man for Leeds in the absence of Patrick Bamford. He has scored 14 goals and created 18 big chances in his 48 appearances in the Premier League for the club.

Several big Premier League clubs and international clubs most notably Bayern Munich are interested in signing the winger. According to The Daily Star two Premier League, in particular, have been seriously interested in Raphinha and will make moves to sign him. The two clubs are the obvious Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and not so obvious Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea.

Raphinha earns 55,000 pounds a week at the moment. Leeds United have a strong belief that offering 100,000 a week will stop the 25-year-old from joining Liverpool or Chelsea.

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Objectively, wage might not be the only thing Raphinha might consider in signing for a club. At the moment Leeds seem probable to retain their spot in the Premier League. With the gradual takeover by 49’ers, Leeds will grow as a club but it all depends on what the winger prioritizes.

Raphinha has been connected to Liverpool for a long time. With Brazilian teammates like Fabinho, it is very likely that he might leave for Liverpool. Liverpool as a team for an attacking winger is a delight to be in considering the goal-scoring chances that they build. Though he will not start playing for a title-contending team will certainly make a difference.

With Chelsea, the role for him might not be so obvious as Thomas Tuchel likes to play wing-backs. He might be developed to play as the central attacking midfielder for the team or maybe a backup striker.

The future for Raphinha cannot be predicted at the moment, but one thing is cemented that Leeds need to find a deem replacement before selling off an asset like him.


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