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Marcelo Bielsa takes aim at media on style & results


Marcelo Bielsa has reacted to some section of the media criticising Leeds United open style of play. The manager believes that some sections of the media are trying to destabilise his players by asking if he should change his style following the defeat against Manchester United in their last match.

Some pundits criticized their open play which gives room for opponents to pick them apart on counter attack.

In his news match conference ahead of the match against Burnley on Sunday, Bielsa was asked of how he will improve the team defensively without losing its attacking style, he said that he’s not concerned about the criticism.

Bielsa who has transformed the West Yorkshire side since taking over in 2018 has stayed true to his style of play irrespective of how the team has suffered defeats in recent games. He attributed the loss against Manchester United to his players not taking their chances and while the opponents took theirs.

He also said that his delay in making changes to the team after the energetic and dominant display of Fred and McTominay for Manchester United also contributed to the loss and not his open style of play.

He also reacted to Sean Dyche’s statement on style over results. He said, “I don’t say this (it is better to play well than win). I have never said this which indicates is they hear what they want to hear.” He said that the best way to win is to play well, so nobody can say that he put style over results.

Marcelo Bielsa and his boys will look to banish the the 6-2 defeat against Manchester United to history by beating Burnley in style.



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