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Rodrigo & Sevilla face an impasse on wage negotiations


Rodrigo Moreno & his potential Leeds exit has encountered a new development with the discussions with Sevilla have reached an impasse thereby casting doubt on his future.

Following Leeds’ relegation from the Premier League, Rodrigo’s departure appeared to be inevitable after an exceptional season with the Yorkshire club.

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Nevertheless, the possibility of a transfer to Sevilla has encountered an obstacle as a result of divergences regarding contractual conditions, encompassing his wages.

Now this has presented novel opportunities for him on the global stage, as it is currently rumoured that multiple Middle Eastern teams have expressed interest in acquiring his services. We did write about his potential move to Qatar to Al-Rayyan.

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Following the appointment of Victor Orta at Sevilla, the former sporting director of Leeds United – the Spanish club has emerged as a prospective destination for Rodrigo.

Journalist Javier Bautista has disclosed that the ongoing negotiations between Rodrigo and Sevilla have encountered a stalemate, primarily stemming from divergent viewpoints on the specifics of the contractual agreement.

Embed from Getty ImagesAs per Bautista’s account, Sevilla encountered difficulties in fulfilling Rodrigo’s salary requirements, resulting in the failure of the negotiation process.

Although the precise figures regarding the requested salary have not been revealed, it is evident that the financial component of the agreement presented a substantial obstacle.

There is a suggestion that he is contemplating these opportunities, thereby demonstrating his inclination to venture into new realms beyond Spain.

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Although Rodrigo had previously dismissed the idea of going back to Spain – the prospect of engaging in competitive football and securing a financially rewarding contract could potentially entice him to reassess his decision.

The potential transfer of Rodrigo Moreno to Sevilla has encountered an obstacle, as the ongoing negotiations have reached an impasse due to disagreements regarding salary demands.

We will see where this goes now…


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